Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some new products from my CTs and some AMAZING photos!!

It's been soooooooooo long since I've really shared the latest with my CTs and I wanted to do that for you tonight while I had my mind on it :)

Newest kit from Vicki Stegall:

It's Only Natural

I think I would buy that kit for the spoons alone, LOL. I just love her unique elements and fasteners and this kit is a MUST HAVE!!

Next up is Christina Renee:

Botanical Happiness II

I already have set one of these and I just absolutely LOVE them. I swear they are just AMAZING and I LOVE that butterfly in this second set!! You can dress up a page so easily with these!

Finally, we have the newest from Melanie Colosimo:


Okay, okay, so technically you can't see what's in it but I promise if you LOVE her templates then you are going to LOVE this bag! They are fabulous!!

I have two other designers that I play with but sadly they are both on a designing hiatus and I am trying to wait very patiently for them to come back to me. I love both their designs and I hope they do come back!

I also wanted to share some AMAZING photos with you today! My brother sent me an e-mail titled "National Geographic's Best Nature Photos". I'm not sure if these are "officially" awarded that name or if someone just decided which photos they liked best and started an e-mail but they are amazing nonetheless. It may take a minute to load up because there are quite a few but I put them in a cute lil slideshow for you. I hope you enjoy!!

I think that's all I've got for ya tonight :) Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shopping to support Literacy!!

There's a site that has been around for a while now and is owned by some FABULOUS peeps who create incredible digi kits each month and all the proceeds (minus pay pal fees) go to a specific charity for that month. This site I'm talking about is Songbird Avenue and this month's charity is ProLiteracy Worldwide. My mother was a teacher for her entire life and literacy was very near and dear to her heart. She specialized in special education and was an AMAZING teacher. I'm not just saying that because she was my mom, she won teacher of the year for the county and received honors at a state level, she really was an amazing teacher. Because it was near and dear to her heart, it became near and dear to me all of my life and I think that ANY help that you can give to the cause is amazing and I'm so glad to see it as the charity pick for this month over at SA. Check out this gorgeous kit:

Songbird Avenue

You really should take a peek over there at their site and all the incredible things they've done. They really have helped out so many different organizations and their kits are always amazingly designed. You can also learn more about their organization on the site as well. Thanks for peeking today! I'm outta here! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New look!!

Woot! I have a new look and who knew how easy it would be!! Thanks soooooooooooo much Katy for helping me figure it all out AND for making that BEAUTIFUL banner up yonder! Yay! I'm so excited that it's personalized now and not just plain ole boring blog anymore! WooHoo!

Life has been raining down lemons lately...I'll not bore you with the full details but let's just say that everything around me (material objects of course) and are going to cost me a small fortune to repair or replace, oy! I know we'll get through though, we always do :) That's one good thing with me and dh, we may have the worst luck in the world but we always pull through. I do have to keep reminding him to calm down and just not stress to death over it, we'll make it. He's done better this time though :)

I am still mojo-less and I can't stand that. I just have no desire to get my Photoshop out to scrap. I've done a few other things but just can't get that done for some reason. I hope it returns soon or else my designers will start firing me one by one. Most of you in the digi world probably heard but Christina Renee let her Creative Team go because it was just so much stress on her and I was really sad about that but she has asked me to be one of her Creative Partners to help her run things behind the scenes so yay yay yay all is not lost!! I love helping her too, she's the sweetest thing in the world and she's always willing to let me vent things out when I need to which is fabulous!

Okay, I really don't have anything else to say, eek! I'm never at a loss for words but apparently things change, hehehe. Hope you enjoy the new look and I'll catch ya later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday's Top Five Apprentices

Hi again! Sorry I missed you all yesterday :( Work was a tad crazy and I just didn't feel like blogging last night :(

Today I'm bringing you my top five apprentices in this week's round of entries over in the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice contest. Have you seen this contest? There are some AWESOME entries in it each week and I am just amazed at all the talent that's been hiding there. Where did you ladies come from? I am putting these in my top order too, so number one here is actually my #1 pick.

1. Sherriejd
2. fufusu
3. misslatrec
4. Ana Amorim
5. vicigreenlees

Well there you have it! My picks for this week at LDD. I think the best part about this contest is that you can get TONS of fabulous freebies and one lucky person is going to get to sell their items at LDD when this is all said and done. My #1 pick up there is my pal Sherrie. I didn't put her in the numero uno spot because she's my friend, I seriously just didn't know she had all that talent in her till she started this contest, it's really amazing what she's created for it so be sure to check out her other awesome entries for past weeks while you're there.

Check ya'll tomorrow!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday's Top Five............

I'm BAAAACCCKKK...........three days in a row, I think that might be a record for me *giggle* I don't have anything important to say today really. Dh is still sick, I've worked that mountain of laundry into a hill, I've done more disinfecting still than I care to ever do again and so far I'm still hiding out FAR FAR AWAY from him, hehehe. It's making him a little upset, he says I'm treating him like he has a disease (which he does) and he doesn't like it. I promised him all the kisses he wants when he's better :)

Okay for Sunday's top five, I'm going to link you up to my top five must read blogs for every day here ya go:

1. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman -- This girl is HILARIOUS and she's posting every day with fun stuff. If you've NEVER seen her blog you are REALLY missing out. She has a cooking blog to that I sub up to. On this blog though, she shares her life as a city girl turned country and has some INCREDIBLE photos on there too. Lots of fun little contests as well so you should really sub up to it and take a peek, if you get time be sure to check out the episodes of "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - A Love Story" it's the best read yet!

2. Inspiration for Generation C -- This blog belongs to Julie Ann Shahin, she's just an amazingly talented scrapper and she's a complete sweetheart. She's always got some great inspiration on her blog.

3. You Just Never Know.. -- This blog belongs to Wendy Reed. I met her only recently at ScrapFreak and she just CRACKS ME UP! She is the funniest thing and she is soooooooooo uber talented when it comes to scrapping.

4. This is My Life -- This blog belongs to Janet Phillips, she's an amazing digital template designer and blogger too! She shares her life through her blog and there are so many fun stories on there. She has a brand new baby that I just awwwwwwwwww over every single time that I'm there.

5. P-Lucky -- This is my friend Katy's blog and she shares her family and her layouts here. I just LOVE her photos, they are just amazing and I LOVE seeing her layouts too. She has a clean graphic style that just amazes me :)

Okay, there you have my addictions. Of course I'm addicted to Authentic Artistry as well but I didn't want to list it since I do most of the posting there for the site ;) Hope you all have a great Sunday and hopefully between work and home tomorrow I can get back in here!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top Five Songs from my High School Days.......

Well I made it back, that post it note is a great reminder :) I hope it just keeps working!!

Nothing hugely new today, dh still sick with the flu and I'm still staying a MILE away from him, he's quarantined to the bedroom and is only allowed bathroom privileges, LOL. I swear I've sanitized the bathroom 10+ times today. I don't want anyone else here to get, including me! Took ds out today for a while, no where fancy, just wanted out of the house. I'm thinking I MIGHT take him tomorrow to see Horton Hears a Who, it looks really cute and he does want to see it. It will just depend on how I feel and how much work I have to do around here I suppose. I have a mountain of laundry to work through since dh usually does that, ugh!

I bought some AWESOME new goodies tonight that I saw on Tracy Ann's blog. I love and hate when she puts out new products in her shoppe because I ALWAYS have to go shopping and I always spend more than I intend to. Her designs are just divine, I love so many of them and would give my left arm to be on her team. Okay, maybe not the whole arm, how bout the pinky finger? Tracy are you listening? LOL! Go check out those new products on her blog link up there, you'll see what I'm talking bout.

Alrighty then, let's move on to my top five songs from high school. Is it sad that most of these are attributed to my memories from boys? ROFL! These are in no particular order....

1. Don't Know Much -- Linda Rondstadt and Aaron Neville
2. Forever -- Kiss
3. Gonna Make You Sweat -- C&C Music Factory
4. Strike It Up -- Black Box
5. I Do It For You -- Bryan Adams

There were sooooooooo many others that I loved but these are the five that stand out the most to me, the ones that I played over and over and over and well you get the point.

It's time for me to go work on that mountain that I've been putting off. Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Top Five Hotties.....

Okay, I'm going to try doing some top five posts to get me back in the spirit of personal blogging. I've been doing plenty of site blogging over at Authentic Artistry but have neglected this poor lil blog of mine :( I noticed some of the girls over at the Freak have some top five lists on their blogs so maybe this will help get me in a routine. I stuck a post it here at my computer so I can keep up, LOL.

What's up in my world lately.............hmmmm............not much! I've been working a LOT and I am just completely exhausted lately. I haven't been "resting" well for some reason, I'm thinking it's stress. I sleep every night but just wake up with that exhausted feeling still there which stinks! I was so mentally exhausted yesterday morning that I just had a breakdown over the fact that I could only find one sock in the pair I wanted to wear, WTH? ROFL! My hubby was looking at me like I had three heads I swear! I hope that problem resolves soon though, I just have way too much on the brain lately. And today, Daniel wakes up with what I think is the flu, ick, yuck, I don't want it! I'm just staying far away from him, hehehe. He keeps telling me that I'm supposed to be his wife, his nurse and taking care of him. I agreed and said I would be glad to medicate him and bring him washclothes for his forehead, etc.........but no way am I cuddling up with him right now, LOL.

On the scrap side of things, I haven't done a layout in over a month, eek! I just have no mojo even though I am really missing it, the creativity is not there. I did do some church brochures for my mil and they turned out awesome as always, go figure. I feel like I've let my designers down by not scrapping but I'm hoping they all understand and know that I'll be out of the rut soon! I have a guest spot this month with Shabby Pickle Designs which I'm really excited about, it hasn't started yet because of some delays over there but I'm patiently waiting and hoping to get to play soon!

Alrighty, nuff chatter, on to my top five for the day. Today I'm posting my top five male hotties in the acting/celebrity world today. There's something about each of these men that attracts me, I just lurve looking at them, hehe. This is in NO particular order here.

Will Smith:


Shemar Moore:


Dominic Purcell:


Ty Pennington:


Jared Padalecki:


and honorable mention is the other Supernatural brother:


Well there you have it, five hotties for the day. I'll be back tomorrow with a new top five ;) Have a great Friday!!